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The Living Wage for Musicians Act SMALL CHANGE FOR BIG PROBLEM

If anything could possibly make a change in the music business this would be it! The Living Wage for Musicians Act, introduced and proposed by U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib, addresses the longstanding issue of fair compensation for musicians. This legislation aims to ensure that musicians receive adequate payment for their creative work by establishing a minimum wage for performances. Teaming up with NY congressman Jamaal Bowman, and The UMAW (United Musicians and Allied Workers) , the bill recognizes the economic challenges faced by many musicians, who often struggle with low or inconsistent income despite their artistic contributions.

    By advocating for a living wage, Representative Tlaib seeks to enhance the financial stability of musicians, allowing them to focus on their craft without the burden of financial insecurity. The proposed legislation acknowledges the unique nature of the music industry and the diverse ways in which musicians earn their livelihoods, encompassing live performances, studio recordings, and streaming platforms.This new bill would suggest a new royalty amount at one cent per stream. Apple music currently has a stream rate of $0.01–one cent, paying about double of what its main competitor, Spotify offers. 

    Supporters argue that the Living Wage for Musicians Act is a crucial step toward valuing and sustaining the arts as an integral part of American culture. Critics, however, may raise concerns about potential impacts on smaller venues or independent artists. As the legislative process unfolds, the bill sparks important conversations about the intersection of art, labor, and economic justice in the United States. check out the current streaming payment rates.

 U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib

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