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Strengthening the Harmony: Music Organizations Unite for Workplace Safety

Several key players in the music industry have taken a resounding stand for workplace safety. The baton of change is being conducted by none other than The 100 Percenters, an advocacy group founded by the esteemed songwriter Tiffany Red. Their latest symphony of progress? A groundbreaking pledge signed by the Recording Academy, BMI, NMPA, and a chorus of other music organizations, committing to prioritize the safety and well-being of artists, songwriters, producers, and staff in their workplace and studio sessions.

At the heart of this virtuoso initiative lies a commitment to maintaining a harmonious environment, where every note is played in tune and every voice is heard. Here’s a closer look at the key motifs of this pledge:

  1. Safeguarding Harmony: These music organizations are not merely paying lip service; they are committed to the meticulous orchestration of safety measures. From the corridors of the Recording Academy to the studios of BMI, every space will be a sanctuary where individuals can create and collaborate without fear.

  2. Tuning Out Injustice: The pledge strikes a chord against the discord of harassment, intimidation, and violence. By committing to reporting such misconduct and taking decisive action, these organizations are ensuring that no voice is silenced and no instrument is tarnished by inappropriate behavior.

  3. Raising the Baton of Accountability: Accountability is the cornerstone of this symphony. In an industry where power dynamics can sometimes drown out the melody of justice, these organizations are setting a precedent by holding themselves and others accountable for their actions.

  4. Harmonizing Support: Recognizing that safety is not merely a solo endeavor but a collective responsibility, the pledge emphasizes the importance of creating safe spaces. Whether it's providing support for those who feel vulnerable or hiring safe space leadership, these organizations are harmonizing their efforts to ensure that everyone feels empowered to play their part in the industry's symphony.

By joining forces under the vission of The 100 Percenters, these music organizations are not just making promises—they are composing a new anthem of inclusivity, respect, and safety. With each signature on the pledge, they are harmonizing their voices into a powerful chorus of change, echoing across the industry and beyond.

As the music industry continues to evolve, let us remember that the true measure of its success lies not just in the melodies it creates, but in the harmonious workplaces it fosters. With this pledge, the stage is set for a future where every artist, songwriter, producer, and staff member can flourish in an environment where their safety and well-being are not just respected, but celebrated.

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