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This week I was lucky enough to attend The Lovers and Friends Festival in Las Vegas Nevada. Curated by R&B singer Usher, this event is a celebration of love, great music, and relationships. I, along with thousands of others crowded the downtown Vegas festival grounds in hopes of getting a closer look at our favorite musical acts. There was much chatter approaching the start of the show, as stories of surrounding an altercation between Usher and Chris Brown, would influence the show. IT DID NOT! In fact, the two singers would perform a song they have together on their perspective sets. If it wasn’t for 50 Cent jokingly (not jokingly) mentioning the situation, it would have been forgotten about. Yea…leave it up to 50 to make things uncomfortable. The lineup was amazing from early openers like Omarion and Miguel to huge stars like newly inducted Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Missy Elliot, the production was extremely organized. With the use of 4 stages close to 50 acts would seamlessly deliver lengthy sets. The only artist who would show up late was THE DIVA, MARIAH CAREY. Having a wardrobe issue, she would come out with the change of clothes in hand and toss them onto the stage…but finished an amazing set. From the food and booze to the plush purple carpet at the entrance the vibe of this festival was perfect an older crowd. If you ever have the chance to attend the Lovers & Friends Festival… DO IT!

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