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anet Jackson, once again proves she is a music legend. Delivering a show filled with incredible energy and talent her performance was top tier at Madison Square Garden.

This show was a journey of 2 firsts. It was my first time witnessing Janet live as well as the first major concert for my daughter. Amazed at the crowds and lights my 7yo was the perfect date for a spectacular night.

Jackson’s commanding presence and carefully choreographed dance routines, showcased why she is labeled a pioneer of pop and R&B.

It was a real journey through her illustrious career, mixing the greatest hits and newer tracks,  resonating with

longtime fans and those just discovering her music. From the infectious beats of "Rhythm Nation" to the  melodies of "Again," every song was delivered with style and a genuine connection.

Elaborate set designs, stunning visual effects, and seamless costume changes added an extra layer of flash  to the performance. Yet, amidst the glitz and glamour, a special appearance from Busta Rhymes would shock us all! For the first time the two legends shared a stage to deliver their hit “What’s It Gunna Be?!”. BUS also gave a gave a heart felt speech that flattered the Queen.

Janet used her

stage time  to address important social issues, reminding the audience of the power of unity, love, and resilience. Her messages of empowerment resonated deeply, inspiring and uplifting the crowd.

Ps…My daughter was still ready to go early 🙄

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