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Updated: Mar 14

The 2024 Billboard Women in Music Celebration in Los Angeles was a spectacular showcase of talent, empowerment, and solidarity within the music industry. at the YouTube Theater in Inglewood, Calif, the event brought together some of the most influential and groundbreaking female artists, executives, and industry professionals for a night of recognition and celebration.

The star-studded event featured captivating performances from a diverse lineup of artists, each representing the multifaceted nature of women in music.

  From powerhouse vocal performances from Victoria Monet  to electrifying stage productions from Karol G, the evening was a testament to the incredible range and creativity of female musicians across genres.

Beyond the performances, the Billboard Women in Music Celebration served as a platform to honor the achievements and contributions of women in all aspects of the music industry. From trailblazing artists who have shattered glass ceilings to executives who have championed diversity and inclusion, the event highlighted the importance of recognizing and amplifying women's voices in a historically male-dominated field

Executive of the Year Award  was given to Chair & CEO of Capitol Music Group Michelle Jubelirer.

Throughout the evening, heartfelt speeches and inspiring moments underscored the ongoing efforts to create a more equitable and inclusive music industry. From discussions on gender parity and representation to calls to action for systemic change, the event sparked meaningful dialogue and reflection on the challenges and opportunities facing women in music today. Amidst the glitz and glamour, the 2024 Billboard Women in Music Celebration was an ultimately and powerful reminder of the indelible impact women have had and continue to have on the world of music.

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