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We dive deep into the buzzing headlines and uncover the beats behind the scenes. In this episode, we've got the latest scoop on the P Diddy case, where new discoveries have turned the tables on what we thought we knew. Join us as we unravel the twists and turns of this high-profile case, delving into the evidence that could shake things up.

But that's not all - we're also diving into the Kendrick Lamar beef that's been making waves in the hip-hop world. From subliminal shots to outright call-outs, tensions are running high, and we're here to break it all down. Get ready for an inside look at the drama, the rhymes, and the real stories behind the music.

Tune in to CUNI Radio for all this and more, as we bring you the freshest updates and the hottest debates in the world of entertainment. Don't miss out - hit play now and join the conversation!"

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