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I Don’t Want To Feel.

This Kanye thing has me with mixed feelings. “White Lives Matter” on The shirt heard around the world”. As an observer I realized…this made people really upset. Specifically, this made black people  REALLY upset. We all understand why it would.  Then I saw this post along with the many opinions, available on social media, and I’ve come to a conclusion..I dont want to feel anything any more. Is it bad that my only concern is if Kanye makes himself un likable the many shoes I’ve purchased for my family will be in vain? Is it also bad that i too enjoy the gangster music full of killing, materialism and misogynistic messages ( just on low volume, when no one else is around, and they don’t say n!GG’s too many times). Should I be more angry? I should be angry. I should care about the the many marches that will be overlooked because Kanye also called BLM a scam. It can’t all be a scam.  I want to understand your reasoning ..but then again I don’t want to feel. I want your mistake to go away so I can wear my shoes ..As you can see I need to work on a few things. Ill catch him on the next stunt.

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