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Do you know what is tougher then making it big in the music business? Becoming RICH in the music business. It’s no secret that for years artists have complained about the economic struggles of the entertainment industry and usually it’s because they entered with limited bargaining power. Low income neighborhoods, lack of contractual understanding are just a few of the obstacles in the way.

Well in a recent interview singer songwriter and producer Akon stated that artists should keep a job, even if it's part time.This will take care of your basic bills on your way to superstardom. He went on to explain that as of 2022 music is the worst investment one could make-simply because of the over saturation.

As a person who chased artistry and kept a job I can tell you there are positives as well as negative aspects to the idea. One positive would maintaining a level of stability which can help keep you clean, fed, and in the position to fund your dreams. It also gives you something to do when you are off stage. See one thing no one seems to mention is in this internet age your celebrity is usually larger than your bank account. This leaves artists as targets in some of the roughest neighborhoods across the country. Jealousy doesn't have to see your bank statement. You simply need somewhere positive to be so if it isn’t a stage or a studio let be a job.

Where there is positive of course there are some downsides. As explained before I was once an artist with a job ..shit I still have a job and many times I would put my job before my dream. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my well being before the dream came to fruition. Some would say that could of been the reason I didn’t make it as an artist. I would be in the studio look at the clock and say “I think I should go home.. I have work tomorrow” and now..I’m just writing articles. What ever you believe is right, understand that chasing your dreams is not free and it would be smarter to keep some clean work instead of making risky decisions to accomplish them. We are seeing the downside everyday of not being patient enough..So..DONT QUIT YOUR DAY JOB!

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